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Problems with Backyard Flock products are rare. However, should you experience any difficulties, we're always here to help.

Below you will find downloadable guidelines for our products. These documents are full of helpful tips for installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of your watering solution.

Answers to many questions or concerns can also be found on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page

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Little Cup

Drinker Cups

Backyard Flock Drinker Cups are an innovative way to provide fresh water "on demand" to your flock. Each time a bird takes a drink, the yellow tab is bumped, releasing more water. Our cups can be mounted to a bucket or similar container using our versatile mounting hardware, and are also available as part of Backyard Flock's complete watering kits.

Download - Cup Systems with Regulator (PDF)

Download - Cups w/ Bucket Mounting Hardware (PDF)

HND Little

Horizontal Nipple Drinkers

Backyard Flock Horizontal Nipple Drinkers are ideal for mounting into the side of a bucket or similar container. The tapered thread forms its own seal as the drinker is screwed into the container. Horizontal Nipple Drinkers can also be attached to household water lines using Backyard Flock complete watering kits

Download - Horizontal Nipple Drinkers (PDF)

Little Nipple

Vertical Nipple Drinkers

Vertical nipple drinkers are a popular replacement for traditional gravity waterers. Each time a bird pecks the stainless steel tab, a small amount of water is released onto its beak. Because the tab is small and moves easily, vertical nipples are ideal for chicks and small birds. Vertical Nipples are available individually, as well as in Backyard Flock complete watering kits.

Download - Vertical Nipple Drinkers (PDF)

Little Reg Gauge

Regulators, Gauges and Kits

All Cups and Nipples require low pressure to properly function. Backyard Flock offers affordable pressure regulators and easy to read gauges to allow our cups and nipples to be connected to household (high pressure) water lines. All Backyard Flock core components and kits are compatible with standard 1/2"e; sch. 40 PVC pipe (easy to find at local hardware stores and home improvement centers).

Helpful tips for our regulator and gauge are included in the product guidelines for cups and nipples.

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