Automatic Poultry Watering

Fresh, clean water "on demand" for your flock
No more dirty "poopy" water containers to clean!
Easily design your own custom watering solution

The daily task of cleaning traditional waterers full of dirty, stagnant water has been virtually eliminated thanks to Backyard Flock.

Backyard Flock Automatic Poultry Watering Kits allow you to connect Drinker Cups, Vertical Nipple Drinkers, and Horizontal Nipples to household water lines, providing a constant supply of fresh water "on-demand" for your flock.

Whether watering baby chicks in a brooder, or providing water to a large coop or run, Backyard Flock offers a wide range of solutions.

Backyard Flock kits are flexible in design, allowing them to be plumbed directly to water lines, or to be attached to a standard garden hose using the optional adapter.

For a portable option, Backyard Flock cups and nipples can be installed in a simple container such as a bucket or barrel.

Backyard Flock products are available at feed, farm, and garden stores, as well as through major online retailers, and here at


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